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                         David Shields

                                                        Founder & Mediator

About the Owner:

David has previously worked and volunteered in several law firms within the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed heads area, and has handled family law, wills and estates, neighbourhood disputes, and other legal matters.

He is originally from Canada, graduating from the Guelph University in Toronto, Ontario with a bachelor degree in Justice Studies where one of his specializations was in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). 

David moved to Australia in 2010 where he completed his Bachelor of Laws degree at Griffith University, and was later admitted as Solicitor in 2015.

Since then David has worked in the areas of Family Law and Wills and Estates, and has also become an accredited mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) accumlating over 180 hours of mediation experience.

What David brings to the table as a mediator is a wealth of experience in working with people from a variety of backgrounds and emotional dispositions, and an understanding that conflict of any type is stressful, and if forced to the legal route conflict can be expensive and time consuming.

David’s goal is to provide the most cost-effective solution to conflict, while creating a comfortable environment where parties can deal with their issues in a constructive manner.


  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Accreditation 

  • Mediation Certification 

  • Minor Civil Dispute training

  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice  

  • Bachelor of Laws 

  • Bachelor of Applied Science and Justice Studies 

  • Law and Security Administration Diploma 

  • Over 200 hours of mediation Experience

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