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COVID-19 and Mediations

As COVID-19 continues to effect everyone worldwide, its understandable if people are concerned about having access to certain supports in the community, and its also understandable if people who have had things happening in their lives before this medical emergency came into effect are still trying to figure things out and unsure where and how to start during this time period.

What I would like to remind people of is the fact that many services and supports are still available, supports such as counselling, psychology, legal supports and of course mediation. The only thing that has changed with many of these services is the format that they are held, many services transitioning to Video Conferencing and Telephone Conferencing to continue to meet the demand of the public.

So, if you are feeling stressed and are wondering if you can still get the supports that you need, have a google search and check to see if the service you need is available in another format.

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