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Park the negative emotions and focus on a positive future...

So you have decided that you need the help of a mediator in order to assist you in resolving difficulties you may be having with another person.

You may have a generally negative view of the other person your deciding to sit across from in the mediation session or you may not.

You may feel anxious, and have apprehensions of the whole process because you know this person has the ability to push your emotional buttons like no one else can.

I can say in all honesty I understand how you are feeling. I have ran and participated in several mediation's.

I have seen how a generally kind person in a one on one setting with myself can be transformed into a frustrated, angry, hulk of a person when the person who pushes their buttons is sitting in front of them in a mediation setting.

While I do understand that emotions can and will be triggered during the mediation process. I always recommend and stress that individuals coming to mediation should try and ask themselves a few questions in particular:

What does the future look like after mediation? Is it positive or is it negative?

What do you want to end up with after you leave the mediation and go about your life?

What does a successful mediation look like to you?

And are you able to let the past be the past, and live in the present moment, with the focus on a brighter future?

If your are able to answer these questions with a positive outlook, and if you are able to set aside the negative emotions that you may have towards another person if only for the day of mediation. You may just find that the mediation process can be a fairly positive experience.

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