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Conflict Consulting

At Shields Mediation we specialize in providing clients with supports and tools in order to manage conflict before, during and after a conflict has occurred. With our Conflict Consultation service clients get a chance to prepare for mediation, and manage conflict on a day to day basis one on one with an experienced mediator, discuss how conflict can be managed, and unpack a conflict exploring the core causes of the conflict.

What you can expect from a Conflict Consultation session:

1.  A diagnosis for the conflict (i.e. understanding the source of the conflict)

2.  Explore and understand the diagnosis. (Unpack the conflict)

3.  Generate ideas of how to manage the conflict at different stages.

4   Create a Conflict Management Plan.

5.  Action the Conflict Management Plan.

Conflict Consulting Prices


Hourly Rate (Online/Phone)

  • Weekday: 9am-5pm ($110 per hour)

  • Saturday: 10am-2pm ($160 per hour)

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