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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Why choose Shields Mediation?

One of our core values is to ensure that everyone has access to our services, regardless of their financial and personal situations.

Prices: We offer lower fees with particular focus on packages to allow our clients access to our services at reasonable prices. 

Situation: We understand that everyone's situation is different and in order to try and meet everyone's needs, we offer business, after hour and weekend mediation sessions while also providing different mediation services offered through Skype (Video), Phone or Face to Face appointments. 


 02     Do you do phone meditation sessions?

We offer Phone, Video and Face to Face mediation sessions. 

We encourage Video or Phone sessions due to their reduced prices. 

 03     Is there a booking deposit?

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required when booking a mediation appointment. This payment can be made by Credit Card (at time of booking) or by Direct Debt (received within 24 hours of booking appointment). 

Please be mindful that there is a processing fee of 1.95% which applies to each credit card transaction.

 04  When is payment for the mediation session required? 

Payment for your mediation can be made before or after the completion of your session. Payment must be made in full unless alternative arrangements are made. 


 05     How can I pay for my mediation sessions?

We accept Credit Card or Direct Debit.

Credit Card payment can be processed either in person or over the phone (Depending on your appointment type). Please be mindful that there is a processing fee of 1.95% which applies to each credit card transaction.

Direct Debit details will be provided if this is your payment preference. Payment must be received within 48 hours after the completion of your mediation session.  

**If payment is not received within 48 hours, fees or charges may apply **  

Once payment in full is made, a receipt will be issued to your email address. 


 06       Do you offer payment plans?

We understand that finances can be an issue. Please discuss with us if you require one of these at time of booking and we will do our best to work around your situation. 

 07  Do you offer after hour or weekend mediation sessions?  

Video/Phone Hours:                                                                                  


Monday: 9am to 9pm                                                                                

Tuesday: 9am to 9pm                                                                               

Wednesday: 9am to 9pm                                                                          

Thursday: 9am to 9pm                                                                              

Friday: 9am to 9pm                                                                                   

 08  When will I receive my s60I?

Once full payment has been received, the s60I will be issued along with your receipt.

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