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Frequently Asked Questions

01  Do you offer online appointments? 

Shields Mediation currently offers Phone and Online (Skype, Zoom) appointments, however Face to Face can be arranged if required. Please contact for further information.

02    Is there a booking deposit?

Mediation Appointments: A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required when booking a mediation appointment. This payment can be made by Credit Card (at time of booking) or by Direct Debt (received within 24 hours of booking appointment). 

Conflict Management Appointments: No booking deposit required. 

Meditation Appointments: No booking deposit required.

03    When is payment for mediation, conflict management and meditation session required?

Payment for mediation sessions can be made either before or 7 business days after the mediation session has been completed.

Payment for Conflict Management and Meditation are required same day as your appointment. 



04     How can I pay for my appointments?

We accept Credit Card and Bank Transfer

Credit Card payment can be processed either in person or over the phone (Depending on your appointment type). Please be mindful that there is a processing fee of 1.95% which applies to each credit card transaction.

Bank Transfer details will be provided if this is your payment preference. Proof of payment to be emailed after your appointment.  

**If payment is not received within 7 business days, fees or charges may apply **  

Once payment in full is made, a receipt will be issued to your email address. 

Further questions please contact for more information 

05  When will I receive my s60I?

Section s60I Certificates are provided potentially at multiple stages of the Family Dispute Resolution process

there is a fee associated with the issuing of s60I Certificates, and assessment by the practitioner will occur before s60I Certificate is issued. 


06       Are Mediation and Meditation the same thing?

Although the two words look similar there is a clear difference between the two services that Shields Mediation provides Mediation deals with dispute resolution between individuals or organisations, whilst Meditation deals with the process of calming the mind.

07   Do you offer after hour or weekend services?  

We provide Saturday hours however if you require other after hours/weekend appointments please contact for your requirements to be considered. Please note extra costs may apply. 

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